Geriatric beats is a project created by DJ POTIRA and DJ SWEET BEATS. Before DJ POTIRA became a full time DJ, she was also a professional special effect makeup artist. She then decided to take advantage of this skill and transformed herself and her DJ partner into a "grandma character". The idea behind it was to prove that in order to be a great female DJ, you don't always have to look young and sexy. The goal is to go around town  putting a smile on people's faces showing that life is too short to be taken so seriously.



DJ POTIRA's passion has always been music. However, she has a background in Special Effect makeup. She graduated from EI School of Professional Makeup a few years back . GERIATRIC BEATS was a prefect opportunity to combine her two passions in one single project. The whole process of transforming the two DJs into lovely old ladies took DJ POTIRA a total of 5 hours. It required a lot of work, but without a doubt, it was extremely rewarding!












Sweet Beats = DJ Sweet Beats and her DJ Ice Cream Truck. Wanna no more about DJ Sweet beats click on the Sweet Beats logo for link.

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