Blending eclectic Brazilian beats with urban cultures, DJ Potira believes the natural fit of all different types of music, and her Brazilian background help her read any audience, whether its to get a venue jumping or to set the mood to an art gallery cocktail reception.


Adapting her DJ sets to the environment and audience is her forte. She goes above and beyond to create a mix best suited for the event on hand. She doesn't drown her audience with Main Stream, but rather creates an amazing well balanced musical landscape that sets the tone for the perfect evening.


After moving to Los Angeles in 2000, Potira quickly immersed herself in the LA music scene, where she quickly landed a residency at Starshoes in Hollywood. Soon after, she was being booked by major brands such as Teen Vogue, Elle Magazine, Chanel, Global Dining Group and Leblon to name a few, in order to DJ their special events and private parties.


Potira is known for mixing up a very eclectic set with many genres of music. She has developed her own style, seamlessly blending anything from classic Hip-Hop beats wedged between Samba rhythms and Cuíca Drums to Electro and Indie Rock, sprinkled with the occasional Main Stream hit which she may even have remixed herself just for the occasion.


Potira was born in Rio de Janeiro to a Bossa Nova singer Mirene Alves. From a very early age, she would accompany her mother to performances throughout Rio. The exposure to the rich musical culture of Brazil, captured this young childs imagination and has had a significant influence on DJ Potiras musical evolution. 


She derived her name Potira through Capoeira, of which shes an avid practitioner. It is custom for Capoeiristas to receive unique names, depicting the essence of their personality. Potira in this regard, represents a warrior Indian girl (think Pocahontas). Besides martial arts, you will always find this representation of passion and energy back in DJ Potira's sets.

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